Want to play for the Furies?
Email Phedra Benoit, our VP of Recruitment, or just show up to practice!

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Welcome to the Washington DC Furies Recruitment page! Women’s rugby is a thrilling sport, which is growing in popularity worldwide, and our team has a history of 40 years of rugby excellence.

The Furies are part of the Women’s Premier League, the highest level of women’s club rugby that is played in the country. With the Furies, you will have the opportunity to compete against other top teams across the U.S. In Fall 2013, the Furies introduced a Division 2 side, to provide players of all skill levels an opportunity to play in ranked, competitive matches.

The Furies welcome players of all skill levels.  We believe that rugby is a sport that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy year round. The fall is the WPL competitive season, while D2 plays competitive matches in the fall and spring and the summer is dedicated to 7s. In the winter, teammates often get together informally to play touch.

The Furies are a wonderful group of women, and we are very happy to welcome you. Soon you will know why we are “Proud to be a Fury!

7 thoughts on “Rookies

  1. Britt Fuentes says:

    I’ve expressed interest in playing before and just didn’t have time. I would love to come check out a few practices now though!

  2. Morgan Tucker says:


    I have been playing for the Women’s Rugby Team at the University of Maine for 2 years and have recently had to move back home to Maryland. I fell in love with the sport and would love to stay active in it. Right now I am trying to lose weight and would love to start up in the fall. I currently live in Boonsboro MD.

  3. Mokgethi says:

    Dear Furies…………….I am a potential rugby player who would like to the team. Just recently moved to Washington from South Africa where I have been playing rugby (15’s and 7’s). Currently I am based at Wisconsin Avenue.
    may you kidly communicate with me through my personal email

  4. Dana Johnson says:

    I would love to get involved with the Furies again. I started as a scrum half , was scrumed and injured my hamstring. The team picked me up set me on a cooler and handed me a beer. I still have the old uniform and would love to support the team. I am proud to be a fury ..Had the lift up rule been intact when I was Scrum half..I would be playing today:)

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