The Washington Women’s Rugby Football Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to competing in the sport of rugby.  The many costs needed to run the team or met through player dues, fundraising, and sponsors and donations.  Take a look:

Annual Income

Annual ExpensesPlaying the type of competitive rugby that has become second nature to the Furies involves a great deal of financial commitment from each player. We pay annual dues and hold fundraisers, both of which help the Furies pay for coaches, lights, fields, refs, equipment, jerseys, etc. The team also provides financial aid scholarships to players for travel who are unable to afford 100% of the cost. As the Furies have become more competitive, the financial burden has increased. In order to compete with top-level teams, the Furies must travel more frequently, increase pay for good coaches, and purchase better equipment. Dues and fundraising are not enough. We depend on sponsors to support our efforts to make the Furies one of the preeminent teams in the country.