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  • The South Africa Tour – 2003
  • The “Furies Down Under” Tour – 2001
  • The France Tour (coming soon!)
  • The Ireland Tour
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  • Furies Quotes (coming soon!)

    The Washington D.C. Furies would like to thank the following people for their assistance through working with our tour director to make this itinerary and fixtures possible. Roland Maitland of Global Sports Network has been instrumental in arranging the practice sessions and venue with South African coaches, the fixture against Western Province Select Side, and other portions of the Cape Town leg of the tour; Natalie Hallemans from University of Pretoria has been instrumental in securing many of the Pretoria fixtures along with Anton van der Merwe from the Blue Bulls and Tania Herwill from the Falcons. Franz Kleynhans and Thelma Regnard have been responsible for liaising with the Hoedspruit airforce base and assisting with the final portion of the tour in Hoedspruit.

    The Washington Women’s Rugby Football Club – the Furies – visited Australia in the Fall of 2001. Established in 1978, the Furies have represented Washington, DC on rugby pitches across the United States and in Canada, France and Ireland for over 20 years.

    The Furies are comprised of highly professional women from across the United States currently living in the Washington Metropolitan Area. Lawyers, doctors, engineers, social workers, massage therapists, students, and many others form the core of this highly dedicated and fiercely skilled unit.

    In September 1999, the Furies traveled to Ireland for our “Furies Rock Ireland” Fall Tour. Led by amazing tour organizer Kathleen McHugh, the Furies mobilized and raised over $20,000 in less than 3 months, a feat that impressed Foreign Fields, our travel company. (Apparently the average team takes 18 months to 2 years to plan, organize, and raise money for international tours)

    We spent a week on the Emerald Isle, roaming throughout both Northern and Southern Ireland. We went 2-0 in our scheduled fixtures, defeating Dublin’s Black Rock Women’s Rugby Club, and the Cooke Women’s Rugby Club in Belfast. In both cases, our host teams were gracious, friendly, and fun to drink with. We especially envied their beautiful, manicured green pitches and handsomely outfitted clubhouses, complete with showers, locker rooms, and (most importantly) well-stocked bar.

    Furies Ireland team

    When we weren’t playing rugby, we were typical American tourists, taking in the sights up and down the Irish Coast. Every night would find the Furies in a different city . . . and a different pub. Guinness really DOES taste better in Ireland! Many Furies discovered that the Irish were just as enamored with our accents as we were with theirs. We closed out more than our share of pubs and dance clubs, and left such an imprint in the residents of Kinsale, that we had “fans” waiting for us on our return stay before leaving for the States. We think they were really waiting to see what insane thing we were going to do next.

    Amelia sleeping with ButchOur bus quickly became the “home base,” as we spent more time in it than anywhere else while on tour. As a result, quite a few photo opportunities occurred while traveling from destination to destination. A popular “rookie” to the team was “Butch,” one of Amelia’s blow-up buddies. From the moment he joined the bus to the minute he was “laid to rest,” Butch provided the team hours of entertainment.

    Besides the great camaraderie, the key element to our tour’s success was the organization. Kathleen should be commended for managing 29 rowdy Furies for an entire week. Working closely with our Foreign Fields guides, Kath kept everyone together and organized. A sincere thank you goes out to Kath for all her hard work! Complementing Kath’s organization were Nick and Simon, our Foreign Fields guides. Both men were entertaining, friendly, and just overall wonderful. We would recommend anyone interested in touring the United Kingdom to travel through Foreign Fields. Each guide was knowledgeable, and kept one step ahead of the Furies throughout the entire trip (not an easy feat).

    While none of us wants to repeat a summer of fundraising anytime soon, we’re looking forward to our next international tour. Keep coming back to this page for information on our plans. Maybe we’ll do New Zealand next? That should only take us what, 2 months to get ready?

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