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USA Rugby The US Rugby Football Union’s homepage carries all the latest news on USA Rugby, including the Men and Women’s National Teams, Club, College, and Youth rugby, CIPP information, and an updated calendar of US rugby events.
Potomac Rugby Union The Potomac Rugby Union (PRU) website has information pertinent to the teams within the PRU. The Furies are in this rugby union, along with Maryland, NOVA, and Chesapeake.

RugbyRugby.com The gateway to world of rugby union on line, this site has TONS of rugby news, focusing on International Rugby Union play.
Rugby Magazine Rugby Magazine is the journal of record for American rugby, covering every US championship match, all of the Eagles’ matches, and providing a monthly International Rugby roundup.
Sports Illustrated Rugby


Rugby news page on the Sports Illustrated website that is updated daily, with a focus International play.
Rugby Fitness This website is full of scientific and innovative training ideas and products for developing rugby fitness.

Ball’s Out! Extensive rugby equipment supplier.
Rugby Imports Extensive rugby equipment supplier.
American Rugby Outfitters, Inc. Extensive rugby equipment supplier.
Matt Godek


2744-A Gallows Rd.
Vienna, VA
(800) 336-3466

Washington, DC Renegades Rugby Club The Washington, DC Renegades is the country’s first multi-cultural men’s rugby football club.

NOVA Pain & Rehab The DC Furies’ support doctors that make sure the team stays healthy.

(703) 671-6038 

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