Furies Foundation

Washington DC Furies Foundation

The Washington DC Furies Foundation was established in 2005 to ensure the long-term sustainability of the club by primarily fundraising. The Foundation is not a separate legal entity. After its inception, the first thing the Foundation did was to help the club obtain its 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.

In addition, the Foundation fulfills its mission by:

  • Providing oversight to help the club comply with the requirements for 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations
  • Long-term fundraising
  • Developing and maintaining an alumni network
  • Developing and managing club events related to celebrations and long-term fundraising.

While active players sustain the day-to-day functions of the team including playing and fundraising for the day-to-day team expenses, the Foundation focuses on long-term capital development, which includes the following goals:

  • Purchase of land for fields and a clubhouse
  • Fostering and supporting youth and high school rugby
  • Providing the active players with a solid financial base and standards to ensure the longevity of the club.

In 2007, the Foundation decided to allot the funds raised to the following four areas:

  • Foundation-designated endowment for land purchase: 50% of funds raised
  • Foundation-designated reserve for contingency funding: 25% of funds raised
  • Fundraising, alumni network development: 20% of funds raised
  • Club operating needs: 10% of club’s budget up to a certain amount.

The Foundation anticipates that this general distribution of funds will remain consistent, although the specific projects funded (such as developing the alumni network) may change from year to year.

In 2011, the Furies Foundation held two fundraisers – a wine tasting in the summer and a miniature golf tournament in the fall – which we hope to continue again in 2012. In addition, the Foundation has an alumni email list and sends out game and event updates. To be added to the alumni email list, please contact the Board Chair. You can also make a donation on line.

The Foundation has a Board of Directors that consists of four seats designated for alumni, two seats designated for players, three at large seats and the immediate past chair. The club president and fundraising chair work closely with the Furies Foundation. The current Foundation Board members are:

Joanne Correira
Nancy Fitz
Dre Khoury
Melissa Hassan
Alayna Buckner
Ellen Treimel
Liz Hirschhorn
Kellie Cavalier

If you are interesting in joining the Foundation Board, please contact the Board Chair.