Furies seeking coach(es) for 2018/2019 season

The DC Furies are seeking to fill at least one but possibly multiple coaching positions for the upcoming season. Candidates experienced with coaching the back line are highly encouraged to apply, however, all qualified candidates will be considered.

Required Experience:

  • Rugby 15s or 7s experience
  • High-level coaching experience of men’s or women’s clubs
  • High levels of organization, motivation, planning, and delegation

Preferred Experience:

  • Position or skill-set specific expertise (e.g. back triangle, counter attack strategizing, tight five, etc.)
  • Experience coaching players at varying ability levels within the same club
  • Experience working with other members of a coaching staff

The Furies field competitive teams in both the Women’s Premier League (WPL) and Division 2. We are seeking to add coaching experience for both sides, so all experience levels are welcome. We also offer an apprenticeship program for coaches or aspiring coaches who are early in their careers. Our coaching staff typically consists of 4-6 coaches between the two sides, so the candidate must be willing to work as part of a team. In addition to the coaching staff, led by the head or interim head coach, the coach will also work alongside the D2 head coach, both WPL Captains, both D2 Captains and the Executive Board at large. Coaches are responsible for communicating and executing the game plan, working with the selections committee (coaches, captains, rotating ad hoc) and the rest of the coaching staff, developing players, and helping to foster a growth-oriented and inclusive team spirit and culture.

Interested parties please email Coaching Committee Chair, Erin O’Reilly at erinlynnoreilly@gmail.com.

Furies bridge 15s and 7s season at Son of a Beach 10s


Photo: Danielle Thompson

The Furies are kicking off their summer 7s season with… a 10s tournament? The weather has thrown a wrench in practices this past week (though it’s probably done so for every team along the East Coast). At least we will be ready to play on what is forecast to be a wet and muddy day.

We are sending a full squad of both WPL and D2 players and are excited to show Delaware what the Furies are about!

Here’s the starting lineup:

  1. Maggie Olney
  2. Leni Dworkis
  3. Jen “Putty” Putnam
  4. Molly Powers
  5. Michelle Vander Ploeg
  6. Kerry Maguire
  7. Katy Stewart
  8. Lauran Glover
  9. Gussie Maguire
  10. Judy Dickson

Subs: Angela Cole, Chrissy “Goose” Grech, Kat Contreras, Kelly Maranchuck, Katie Ursitti, Amirah Al Idrus, Miranda “Mickey” Van Dijk, Carmen Cordova

Game schedule:
11:40 a.m. EDT: Furies vs. Jersey Devil Turtles
One or two games to follow – check Twitter!

Location: Hudson Fields, 29763 Eagle Crest Road, Milton, DE 19968

Can’t make it? Follow the games live on Twitter: @dcfuries

On the heels of another successful Ruggerfest, D2 hits the road

image1 (6)

Ruggerfest chairs, Alex Hart and Leni Dworkis

The Furies pulled off its 38th annual Ruggerfest this past weekend, hosting 32 teams for two days of fun and competitive rugby! In their quest to earn the Ruggerfest crown (actually, fish trophies), players contended with scorching temperatures and chilly rain as the weather swung from spring to summer and back to winter again.

It was an opportunity for D2 to put their new skills and strategies into practice, with many new players getting substantial field time and some squad members playing multiple positions, as well as for the Furies’ WPL side. D2 went 1-2 in pool play, eventually losing their consolation match to the University of Virginia. WPL brought their competitive edge, eventually losing to Glendale in the final and finishing in second place. Results may be found here.

Many thanks to our Ruggerfest chairs, Leni, Alex, Kat and Abbie, as well as to our many sponsors, without whom the tournament wouldn’t have been possible!

Congratulations to our forwards of the tournament, Molly Powers and Judy Dickson, and our backs of the tournament: Katie Ursitti and Gloria Cho. And, of course, to the Furies who embodied the “stir-the-pot” spirit (just ask one of us about it): Alex Hart and Jen “Putty” Putnam!


D2 after a wet and muddy consolation match

Now, with Ruggerfest behind us, D2 is heading to Richmond to take on James River in their penultimate match of the season!

Here’s the starting lineup:

  1. Brooke Branson
  2. Xa Hopkins
  3. Jennifer “Wiggles” Konish
  4. Amirah Al Idrus
  5. Molly Powers
  6. Amanda Bauer
  7. Miranda “Mickey” Van Dijk
  8. Nora Welsh
  9. Briley Acker
  10. Anna Wilbourn
  11. Katie Ursitti
  12. Lauren “Kirk” Kirkland
  13. Katy Stewart
  14. Gloria Cho
  15. Angela Cole

Subs: Katie Schmitt, Carmen Cordova, Kelly Maranchuck, Nell “Biddle” Garver, Kristen Clardy, Amy Kaiser-Jones, Amanda “Finny” Fins

Kickoff: D2 vs. James River, 10 a.m. EDT, Saturday, April 21
Location: 8996 Pole Green Park Ln., Mechanicsville, VA 23116

Can’t make it? Follow the game live on Twitter: @dcfuries

D2 takes on Doylestown at home!


Photo: Amber I. Smith

The D2 side will host Doylestown for their first matrix match of the spring season! The squad is coming off a productive week, with many players putting in extra hours and hitting it hard in practice. This week, we focused on physicality and dominating contact, as well as ball handling, set pieces and support in the breakdown.

Doylestown will be the first of three matrix matches to be played this spring, with an away game at James River and a home game against Norfolk to follow. Stay tuned for a mid-season recap and a preview of Ruggerfest, our favorite time of the year!

Here’s the starting lineup:

  1. Brooke Branson
  2. Kelly Maranchuck
  3. Jennifer “Wiggles” Konish
  4. Carly Gniewek
  5. Amirah Al Idrus
  6. Miranda “Mickey” Van Dijk
  7. Alex Hart
  8. Nora Welsh
  9. Briley Acker
  10. Anna Wilbourn
  11. Caitlin Gibney
  12. Bethany Montague
  13. Katy Stewart
  14. Lauren “Kirk” Kirkland
  15. Angela Cole

Subs: Xa Hopkins, Anabel Moreno-Mendez, Kat Contreras, Carmen Cordova, Abbie Mocettini, Katie Ursitti, Nell “Biddle” Garver, Mercy Tom

Kickoff: Furies D2 vs. Doylestown, 11 a.m. EDT, Saturday, April 7
Location: Signal Hill Park, Field 4, 9300 Signal View Drive, Manassas Park, VA 20111

Can’t make it? Follow the game live on Twitter: @dcfuries

Furies host Philadelphia in home opener


Photo: Mark Brocker

The weather was not our friend this week, but that won’t stop us—coming off a successful weekend at the Raleigh Rugby Invitational, the Furies will field two sides in a double-header against Philadelphia!

Please note that the game will be at Long Bridge Park in Arlington and not Model, and that WPL will kick off first, against Philly D1 at 11 a.m., with D2’s game against Philly D3 to follow at 1 p.m.

Here are your starting lineups:

WPL. vs. Philadelphia D1

  1. Jocelyn Richards
  2. Leni Dworkis
  3. Jen “Putty” Putnam
  4. Nora Welsh
  5. Kat Hanson
  6. Michelle Vander Ploeg
  7. Chrissy “Goose” Grech
  8. Sharifa Love-Schnur
  9. Kerry Maguire
  10. Maggie Olney
  11. Katy Stewart
  12. Lauran Glover
  13. Gussie Maguire
  14. Judy Dickson
  15. Angela Cole

Subs: Jennifer “Wiggles” Konish, Brooke Branson, Kerri Stancil, Amirah Al Idrus, Amanda Bauer, Anna Wilbourn, Bethany Montague, Gloria Cho

D2 vs. Philadelphia D3

  1. Brooke Branson
  2. Katie Schmitt
  3. Jennifer “Wiggles” Konish
  4. Nora Welsh
  5. Alex Hart
  6. Amirah Al Idrus
  7. Arielle Reid
  8. Amanda Bauer
  9. Briley Acker
  10. Anna Wilbourn
  11. Gloria Cho
  12. Bethany Montague
  13. Katy Stewart
  14. Lauren “Kirk” Kirkland
  15. Angela Cole

Subs: Abbie Mocettini, Miranda “Mickey” Van Dijk, Tashell Mitchell, Mercy Tom, Carly Gniewek, Katie Ursitti, Amanda “Finny” Fins, Emma Waite

Kickoff: WPL vs. Philly D1, 11 a.m. EDT and D2 vs. Philly D3, 1 p.m. EDT, Saturday, March 24
Location: Long Bridge Park, Synthetic Field 3, 475 Long Bridge Drive, Arlington, VA, 22202

Can’t make it? Follow the games live on Twitter: @dcfuries