Furies seeking D2 Head Coach for 2019


Photo: Amber I. Smith

The DC Furies are actively seeking a D2 Head Coach for 2019. The position is part-time and voluntary.

About the team:

The Washington Women’s Rugby Football Club, better known as the DC Furies, is one of the oldest women’s rugby clubs in the nation. The Furies field one top-level side and a second side that competes in Division 2.  The club is comprised of a mix of elite, developmental, and beginner athletes. A number of Furies players earn selection to the regional CGU select side, and many are currently vying for spots in the National Team selection pools.

The Furies play in the spring, summer, and fall, with skills and fitness work throughout the winter. Practices take place in the Washington, D.C. metro area, and 15s matches are scheduled throughout the United States.

The Furies are a 501(c)(3) organization with the goal of providing competitive and social rugby for women in the D.C. metropolitan area.

D2 Head Coach Responsibilities:

  • Work with the head coach to manage the team’s D2 side
  • Provide intensive, high-quality training and opportunities for learning to all club members, with a focus on the D2 side
  • Work with the coaching staff to adapt the club’s overall strategy, season game plans, and session planning and match day game plans to the D2 side
  • Build and promote a culture of positive attitudes, a drive for development, and competitive success
  • Ensure D2 players receive the highest quality coaching, preparation and feedback.
  • Communicate with team captains

D2 Head Coach Knowledge, Skills and Qualities:

  • Significant experience coaching rugby together with relevant qualifications. USA Rugby coaching certifications desirable
  • Knowledge of coaching practices and techniques to develop all rugby players
  • The ability to adapt and implement a robust skill development program, game play strategies and appropriate training sessions for all players
  • Articulates and delivers a clear playing and coaching philosophy that is in accordance with the objectives of the club
  • Is strongly biased toward a player-centered in approach to coaching
  • Creates an environment that balances player development with team performance
  • Is able to lead and manage people
  • Is able to articulate and deliver sound coaching processes
  • Sets high standards of personal accountability, reliability and responsibility for the players and staff
  • Is able to work effectively with other members of the team leadership

D2 Head Coach Benefits:

  • A modest stipend for each season (commensurate with experience)
  • Travel costs for games fully covered
  • Funding for coaching development opportunities

Interested applicants should please submit a Rugby CV and cover letter to

Name: Maggie Olney
Title: Coaching Committee Chair
Email: Marjorie.olney@gmail.com

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