Furies head to New York in WPL week 3

With a season-opening win against the Twin Cities Amazons and bye week behind them, WPL is traveling to take on New York Rugby Club in their second WPL fixture. The Amazons game was a nail-biter, with the Furies coming out 33-31 in the final minutes of the match. We’re carrying the momentum into our match against last year’s WPL champions.


Happy Furies after a 33-31 win over the Amazons (Photo: Katie Thomen)

Here’s the starting lineup:

  1. Jocelyn Richards
  2. Leni Dworkis
  3. Rian Van Nordheim
  4. Michelle Vander Ploeg
  5. Chloe Jex
  6. Arielle Reid
  7. Jade McGrath
  8. Chia Martino
  9. Kerry Maguire
  10. Sam Moorhead
  11. Gloria Cho
  12. Lauran Glover
  13. Natayy Serevi
  14. Katy Stewart
  15. Dana Meschisi

Subs: Emilia Ferrara, Maggie Myles, Gussie Maguire, Kiera Johnson, Lauren Rhode, Mary Yost, Emily Fulbrook

Kickoff: 12 p.m., Sunday, Sept. 2
Location: Randall’s Island, Wards Meadows Field #74, Wards Meadow Loop, New York, NY 10035

Can’t make it? Follow the games live on Twitter: @dcfuries

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