D2 takes on Doylestown at home!


Photo: Amber I. Smith

The D2 side will host Doylestown for their first matrix match of the spring season! The squad is coming off a productive week, with many players putting in extra hours and hitting it hard in practice. This week, we focused on physicality and dominating contact, as well as ball handling, set pieces and support in the breakdown.

Doylestown will be the first of three matrix matches to be played this spring, with an away game at James River and a home game against Norfolk to follow. Stay tuned for a mid-season recap and a preview of Ruggerfest, our favorite time of the year!

Here’s the starting lineup:

  1. Brooke Branson
  2. Kelly Maranchuck
  3. Jennifer “Wiggles” Konish
  4. Carly Gniewek
  5. Amirah Al Idrus
  6. Miranda “Mickey” Van Dijk
  7. Alex Hart
  8. Nora Welsh
  9. Briley Acker
  10. Anna Wilbourn
  11. Caitlin Gibney
  12. Bethany Montague
  13. Katy Stewart
  14. Lauren “Kirk” Kirkland
  15. Angela Cole

Subs: Xa Hopkins, Anabel Moreno-Mendez, Kat Contreras, Carmen Cordova, Abbie Mocettini, Katie Ursitti, Nell “Biddle” Garver, Mercy Tom

Kickoff: Furies D2 vs. Doylestown, 11 a.m. EDT, Saturday, April 7
Location: Signal Hill Park, Field 4, 9300 Signal View Drive, Manassas Park, VA 20111

Can’t make it? Follow the game live on Twitter: @dcfuries

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