Furies host Philadelphia in home opener


Photo: Mark Brocker

The weather was not our friend this week, but that won’t stop us—coming off a successful weekend at the Raleigh Rugby Invitational, the Furies will field two sides in a double-header against Philadelphia!

Please note that the game will be at Long Bridge Park in Arlington and not Model, and that WPL will kick off first, against Philly D1 at 11 a.m., with D2’s game against Philly D3 to follow at 1 p.m.

Here are your starting lineups:

WPL. vs. Philadelphia D1

  1. Jocelyn Richards
  2. Leni Dworkis
  3. Jen “Putty” Putnam
  4. Nora Welsh
  5. Kat Hanson
  6. Michelle Vander Ploeg
  7. Chrissy “Goose” Grech
  8. Sharifa Love-Schnur
  9. Kerry Maguire
  10. Maggie Olney
  11. Katy Stewart
  12. Lauran Glover
  13. Gussie Maguire
  14. Judy Dickson
  15. Angela Cole

Subs: Jennifer “Wiggles” Konish, Brooke Branson, Kerri Stancil, Amirah Al Idrus, Amanda Bauer, Anna Wilbourn, Bethany Montague, Gloria Cho

D2 vs. Philadelphia D3

  1. Brooke Branson
  2. Katie Schmitt
  3. Jennifer “Wiggles” Konish
  4. Nora Welsh
  5. Alex Hart
  6. Amirah Al Idrus
  7. Arielle Reid
  8. Amanda Bauer
  9. Briley Acker
  10. Anna Wilbourn
  11. Gloria Cho
  12. Bethany Montague
  13. Katy Stewart
  14. Lauren “Kirk” Kirkland
  15. Angela Cole

Subs: Abbie Mocettini, Miranda “Mickey” Van Dijk, Tashell Mitchell, Mercy Tom, Carly Gniewek, Katie Ursitti, Amanda “Finny” Fins, Emma Waite

Kickoff: WPL vs. Philly D1, 11 a.m. EDT and D2 vs. Philly D3, 1 p.m. EDT, Saturday, March 24
Location: Long Bridge Park, Synthetic Field 3, 475 Long Bridge Drive, Arlington, VA, 22202

Can’t make it? Follow the games live on Twitter: @dcfuries

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