Furies take Richmond!

image1 (4)

Rian explaining the intricacies of brewing (Kiera Johnson)

The Furies took a nearly full roster (21, if you count Oakley!) down to Richmond to visit WPL lock/prop Rian Van Nordheim at work! Rian, an assistant brewer at Stone Brewing, gave the Furies an exclusive, behind-the-scenes tour of the brewery.

The Furies were brimming with questions for Rian, from asking about the temperatures required for brewing (is that Celsius or Fahrenheit?) and how long it takes to brew each kind of beer, to the names of the brewery robots and whether it is typical to ship beer warm.


The group then took full advantage of an unseasonably warm January day by visiting another brewery, where they enjoyed a pizza dinner at sunset.


Behind the scenes! (Amirah Al Idrus)

Thank you, Rian for sharing your passion with us, and thank you Alex and Patrick for driving! Finally, big thanks to our social chair, Mickey Van Dijk, without whom the trip never would have gotten off the ground.


Proud to be a Fury!

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