Match Report: D2 vs. Severn River

Last Saturday was the perfect cool and crisp weather for playing rugby. The DC Furies hosted Severn River in Manassas, Virginia.

The first half of the game, the Furies played good defense by holding up two tries and playing in their own half for most of the time. Shout outs go to fullback Sami Topolski Meyerhoff for a try-saving tackle and 8-man Amanda Bauer for holding up a try. The half ended with the Furies down 20 – 0.

The Furies were plagued in the second half by mental fatigue and Severn River was able to score 52 more unanswered points.


Although unreflected in the score, the Furies played a hard game and showed depth in player development with several people out this past weekend because of injury and sickness.

The player of the match was lock Nora Welsh. Nora’s upbeat and energetic personality translated into vibrant and well-executed play on the field. She also showed tenacity in her tackling and rucking.

Next weekend, both sides are away: WPL will be at Beantown and D2 will be taking on Phoenixville White Horse. – Brooke Branson, D2 Captain

D2 DC Furies vs. Severn River 10/14/2017

  1. Brooke Branson
  2. Xa Hopkins
  3. Jennifer Konish
  4. Nora Welsh
  5. Alex Hart
  6. Mickey Van Dijk
  7. Fiona Dore
  8. Amanda Bauer
  9. Briley Acker
  10. Nell “Biddle” Garver
  11. Amanda “Finny” Fins
  12. Kelly Maranchuck
  13. Emma Waite
  14. Lauren “Kirk” Kirkland
  15. Sami Topolski Meyerhoff
  16. Carmen Cordova
  17. Lia Russell
  18. Adia Cotten
  19. Liz Peralta-Reed

Squirrel Birashk
Kate Brown
Candace Gingrich

Player of the Match: Nora Welsh


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