D2’s Double Header: The Furies Face Severn River at Home


Photo: Judy Dickson

With only a few weeks left in the fall season, D2 will face Severn River at home this weekend, while WPL gets a well-earned break with a bye.

The game will be followed by a developmental match, giving players a chance to try out a new position (or get some additional practice in an old one).

Tuesday’s was a muddy and high-intensity practice, with plenty of contact to warm up D2 players after their own bye weekend. On Thursday, the Furies stuck to fitness and fundamentals, with body positioning exercises, offensive drills, and a review of penalty plays.

D2 narrowly lost their last game, against Chesapeake–their closest and best fought game of the season. Tomorrow, with a recovery weekend behind them and a home field advantage working in their favor, D2 is ready to secure their first season victory.

Here’s D2’s lineup for Saturday:

  1. Brooke Branson
  2. Xa Hopkins
  3. Jennifer Konish
  4. Nora Welsh
  5. Alex Hart
  6. Mickey Van Dijk
  7. Fiona Dore
  8. Amanda Bauer
  9. Briley Acker
  10. Nell “Biddle” Garver
  11. Amanda “Finny” Fins
  12. Kelly Maranchuck
  13. Emma Waite
  14. Laren “Kirk” Kirkland
  15. Sami Topolski Meyerhoff

D2 vs. Severn River
Kickoff: 11:00 a.m., Saturday, Oct. 14
Location: Signal Hill Park Field #4, 9300 Signal View Drive Manassas Park, VA

Can’t make it? Follow both games live on Twitter: @dcfuries

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