Match Report: WPL vs. Twin Cities Amazons

The DC Furies took on the Twin Cities Amazons last Sunday in their second home match of the season. Severe storms in the DC area forced a last-minute field change, but the hard work of the Fury family allowed the game to kick off without a hitch.

In a brief WPL debut, starting fullback Anna Wilbourn was sent to the hospital with a nose injury just two minutes into the game. A frantic Fury side struggled to settle down, and the Zons put up four tries in the first 30 minutes, capitalizing on the home side’s mistakes. Down 0-26, the Furies kicked off at the 30-minute mark.

This time, however, things were different. The Furies swarmed from the kickoff and spent their first minutes of the match in Zons territory. The sustained pressure resulted in a penalty to the Furies, 10 meters out from the tryline. Vice-Captain Maggie Olney took a quick tap, powered through two would-be tacklers, and reached over the line for the Furies’ first points of the match. Maggie converted her own try and the Furies were on the board.

“That was the turning point,” said Head Coach Scott Delaney.

The remaining 50 minutes of the match brought a much tighter battle against the third-place Zons. The earlier Amazon domination behind them, the Furies side played with pride in front of a home crowd craving the level of play finally exhibited on Sunday. Hooker Mikey Onwochei and wing Judy Dickson led the way with their punishing runs; flankers Patty Smith and Schuyler Brown were a ferocious tandem on defense.

“The intensity—wow. We just woke up,” said Backs Coach Michael McMillon. “That’s the best I’ve seen us play.”


The final score was 7-36, but for the final 50 minutes of the game the Furies were only down 7-10—their closest second half performance of the season.

“Fifty minutes is good, but we just need to extend that a little further,” Delaney said. “We are so close to realizing our potential. That last 50 was a good start.”

Mikey earned Player of the Match honors for her solid attacking runs and making some valuable meters beyond the gain line. Congratulations to WPL debutants Anna and Fiona Dore, and thanks to Anna for joining the ever-growing “Furies who sacrificed their faces to the game” club (if any friends of the Furies would like to donate their noses and/or IRB-approved faceguards to the back line, we’d greatly appreciate any and all contributions). Shout out to VP of Operations Lyn and all of the Fury volunteers who stepped up to secure us a pitch, and as always, thank you to the crowd who showed up to support!

The DC Furies have a bye in WPL competition this week and will focus efforts into the D2 side’s match against Severn River this Saturday. WPL looks forward to a rematch in Boston on October 22, when they will take on #2 Beantown for the second time this season.

WPL DC Furies vs. Twin Cities Amazons 10/8/2017

  1. Jocelyn Richards
  2. Mikey Onwochei
  3. Jen “Putty” Putnam
  4. Kat Hanson
  5. Rian Van Nordheim
  6. Schuyler Brown
  7. Patty Smith
  8. Sharifa Love (C)
  9. Kerry Maguire
  10. Maggie Olney (VC)
  11. Amanda Hood
  12. Gussie Maguire
  13. Erica “Muck” Makar
  14. Judy Dickson
  15. Anna Wilbourn
  16. Alexa “Xa” Hopkins
  17. Chrissy “Goose” Grech
  18. Ellen Treimel
  19. Nora Welsh
  20. Fiona Dore
  21. Kelly Maranchuck

Scott Delaney
Jo Bader
Michael McMillon

Tries: Olney
Conversions: Olney
Player of the Match: Mikey Onwochei

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