A hop and a skip up I-95 for WPL, D2

Both sides are hitting the road this weekend, with D2 playing newly promoted Chesapeake, and WPL heading to New York to face NYRC for the first time this season. The D2 game will be followed by a developmental match, with rookies and vets alike showing off what they can do in old and new positions.

The team worked on fluency and fluidity this week, mastering the back line plays and churning out set pieces. The practices were physical–with lots of rucking, picks and punches–and so will the games.

Here’s D2’s lineup for Saturday:

  1. Brooke Branson
  2. Abbie Mocettini
  3. Jennifer Konish
  4. Nora Welsh
  5. Amanda Bauer
  6. Xa Hopkins
  7. Arielle Reid
  8. Molly Powers
  9. Briley Acker
  10. Anna Wilbourn
  11. Fiona Dore
  12. Kelly Maranchuck
  13. Lauren “Kirk” Kirkland
  14. Alexa Couture
  15. Sami Topolski Meyerhoff

D2 vs. Chesapeake
Kickoff: 11:00 a.m., Saturday, Sept. 30
Location: Bocek Field, 3198 E. Madison Street, Baltimore, MD 21205

And here’s WPL’s starting lineup for Sunday.

  1. Jocelyn Richards
  2. Mikey Onwochei
  3. Meg Foster
  4. Judy Dickson
  5. Kat Hanson
  6. Schuyler Brown
  7. Patty Smith
  8. Sharifa Love-Schnur
  9. Kerry Maguire
  10. Maggie Olney
  11. Kiera Johnson
  12. Lauran Glover
  13. Gussie Maguire
  14. Erica “Muck” Makar
  15. Kristen Maxey

WPL vs. New York Rugby Club
Kickoff: 12:00 noon, Sunday, Oct. 1
Location: 18 Pocono Rd, Denville, NJ 07834

Can’t make it? Follow both games live on Twitter: @dcfuries

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