Match Report: WPL @ Atlanta


Photo: B Mianya

The DC Furies were on the road for the second time in 2017. Atlanta, a dangerous team at home, hosted the Blue and Gold.

Both teams in search of their first victory, the first half was a gritty battle between forward packs determined to exert dominance and two backlines eager to showcase their ability to break things open at any moment.

The Furies threatened early, but Atlanta was the first to score. From a scrum on the right side of the field, Atlanta went wide and their wings–who were explosive all afternoon—touched down in the corner for the first try of the match. Atlanta led 5-0.

Resolute in their defense, the Furies pushed back against the Harlequins, with Erica “Muck” Makar picking off a pass on the outside. Quick support and a few strong forward phases saw flanker Gussie Maguire dive through the Atlanta line and over for a try. A successful conversion put the Furies ahead.

Just before half, Atlanta fielded a kick that stayed in play and ran it back to the Furies defensive 5-meter line. The Fury backs recovered to stop the initial breach, but Atlanta sneaked into the try zone on an ensuing phase, retaking the lead 10-7 heading into the half.

The second half was less exciting for the visitors, with Atlanta putting up 22 unanswered points from four tries (one converted). The final tally on the day: 32-7 Atlanta over DC.

Furies Head Coach Scott Delaney commented, “Always tough to steal a game on the road—Atlanta has proven over the years they are very tough at home. For us… we let our foot off the pedal in the second half and Atlanta punished us for it. We’ll take a look at video, learn what we can and move forward.”

Congrats to Amanda Hood and Alexa “Xa” Hopkins who earned their first WPL appearances! Thanks to all the fans who braved the Atlanta heat to cheer us on, and shoutout to Ploeg and Schulyer for sacrificing their faces to the cause.

This coming weekend, the Furies D2 side takes on Chesapeake away and WPL will travel to New Jersey to take on NYRC. – Scott Delaney, head coach

WPL DC Furies vs. Atlanta 09/24/2017

  1. Jocelyn Richards
  2. Leni Dworkis
  3. Meg Foster
  4. Judy Dickson
  5. Kat Hanson
  6. Gussie Maguire
  7. Patty Smith
  8. Sharifa Love (C)
  9. Kerry Maguire
  10. Maggie Olney (VC)
  11. Kiera Johnson
  12. Michelle Vander Ploeg
  13. Lauran Glover
  14. Erica “Muck” Makar
  15. Kristen Maxey
  16. Alexa “Xa” Hopkins
  17. Jen “Putty” Putnam
  18. Schulyer Brown
  19. Chrissy “Goose” Grech
  20. Amanda Hood

Scott Delaney
Michael McMillon

Tries: G. Maguire
Conversions: Olney
Player of the Match: Maggie Olney

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