Furies Seeking Backs Coach for ’17-’18 Season

The Washington Women’s Rugby Football Club, the DC Furies, are seeking to fill a backs-specific coaching position for the upcoming season.

Required Experience

  • Rugby 15s or 7s experience
  • High-level coaching experience of men’s or women’s clubs
  • High levels of organization, motivation, planning, and delegation

Preferred Experience

  • Position or skill-set specific expertise (e.g. back three expertise, defensive coordination, etc)
  • Experience coaching players at varying ability levels within the same club
  • Experience working with other members of a coaching staff

The Furies field competitive teams in both the Women’s Premier League (WPL) and Division II. We are seeking to fill a coaching spot with a focus on the back line at either level. Our coaching staff currently consists of a head coach, a D2 head/forwards coach, WPL forwards coach, D2 assistant coach, and a backs coach. This position is for an additional backs coach to work with either the WPL or D2 side while the current backs coach focuses on the other side.  The Coach will also work alongside both WPL Captains, both D2 Captains and the Executive Board at large. Coaches are responsible for communicating and executing the game plan, working with the selections committee (coaches, captains, rotating ad hoc), the rest of the coaching staff, developing players, and helping to foster a growth-oriented and inclusive team spirit and culture.

Interested parties please e-mail Coaching Committee Chair, Erin O’Reilly erinlynnoreilly@gmail.com with Club President, Hana Passen cc’ed at president@dcfuries.com

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