Sunny With a High of 75

Sunny with a high of 75
By Briley Acker

With a weather forecast calling for much-anticipated warm temperatures and a fierce line up of competition travelling to play at our home pitch, tomorrow is shaping up to be a perfect spring day for the DC Furies.

The team continues to build on its decision making and communication with each practice session. After a week focused on body positioning, positive tackles, and open field play, the Furies intend to employ effective defense. The end goal of each defensive bought will be to create turn-overs from the opponent and touch that ball in our try zone.

Tomorrow serves as the first round of home matches for the Furies 2017 spring season, including the first matrix match for the DII side against the Brandywine Riot followed by a B-side game against American University.

The Furies have a great mixture of old and new players making their way on to the roster. Expect to see great movement in the back triangle between Topolski, Miller Glodzik, and Mayer-Marks, our starting wings and full back.  We are also excited see our pack take the pitch this weekend and planning to see some big hits by Arielle Reid and Anna Savage.

Come watch the Furies tomorrow as they start the spring season with spirit and intensity.

Kick-off against Brandywine is at 11:00 AM at Model Secondary School for the Deaf, located on Gallaudet’s campus with the B-side game against American to follow.

Line Up

1 Brooke
2 Abbie
3 Kat
4 Shannon
5 Molly
6 Arielle
7 Savage
8 Emily R
9 Briley
10 MC
11 Sami
12 EOR
13 Lauran
14 Saleiha
15 Emily G
16 Amanda
17 Val B
18 Biddle
19 Raven
20 JuJu
21 Amirah
22 Courtney
23 Nora


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