WPL and D2 on the Road


WPL and D2 are both on the road this Saturday! WPL is kicking off the spring season with a friendly against Raleigh in North Carolina. D2 is travelling to Delaware (avoiding the snow) to play against White Horse for their second game of the season.

Last weekend in the balmy 20 degree, high wind weather, D2 beat Towson 36-15. All of the rookies played amazingly well from Sami’s dive tackle to prevent a Towson score to Kirk’s first try ever in the very last minute of the game!

During practice this week, the Furies worked on getting low in tackles, coming up together on defense, and improving catching off kicks for their games this weekend. Hopefully the weather will be a little warmer for both teams to display their refined skills this weekend!

The starting lineup for D2:

  1.   Courtney
  2.   Juliana
  3.   Kat
  4.   Molly
  5.   Brooke
  6.   Amanda
  7.   Arielle
  8.   Amirah
  9.   Shannon
  10.   EOR
  11.   Sami
  12.   Biddle
  13.   Raven
  14.   Mia
  15.   Val B.

Kickoff: 10:30 AM

Location: 31768 Legion Rd., Millsboro, DE 19966

31768 Legion Rd, Millsboro, DE 19966, USA

The starting lineup for WPL:

  1.   Joc
  2.   Mikey
  3.   Meg
  4.   Kerri
  5.   Nora
  6.   Ploeg
  7.   Patty
  8.   Maggie
  9.   Gussie
  10.   Karo
  11.   Leni
  12.   Sharifa
  13.   Lauran
  14.   Saleiha
  15.   Emily G.

Kickoff: 2:00 PM

Location: Poole Rd Rugby Complex, 7417 Poole Road, Raleigh, NC 27610

7417 Poole Rd, Raleigh, NC 27610, USA

Can’t make it to either game? Follow the game live on Twitter: @DCFuries

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