Seeking 7s Coaches for Summer 2016

The Washington DC Furies are seeking an additional coach for their summer 7’s season. Ideal candidates will have rugby 15’s or 7’s experience, coaching experience, and be organized and motivated. The Furies are looking for candidates with positive attitudes, the ability to coach players at varying ability levels, planning and delegation skills, and the ability to collaborate with team leadership.

The Furies field both a competitive and a social side during the 7’s summer season. In the fall, they begin their 15’s season with a competitive Women’s Premier League (WPL) side in addition to a competitive Division II side. Practices are held Tuesday and Thursday evenings at the Model Secondary School for the Deaf on Gallaudet University’s campus in Northeast DC.  7’s tournaments are generally held on Saturdays in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Coaches are responsible for developing and executing the game plan while developing technical skills and knowledge of the game. Coaches work closely with the selection committee and team captains, and strive to foster a positive team spirit and culture.

The team is committed to attracting top coaching talent and executes several fundraiser activities to support the team’s expenses, some of which include coaching costs. In addition to more tangible benefits, the Furies also offer a wonderful and unique community to which we look forward to welcoming you.

Please email Brigid Beech, Furies Coaching Committee Chair, at, if you are interested in applying for this position. Please note that the club is not currently able to sponsor US Visas.

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