Week 4: Battle of the Beltways, Rugby Edition

IMG_2535Come cheer on your Furies Division 2 side tomorrow at HOME versus Chesapeake! This will be Div 2’s last matrix match of the season and they would love to see our fans come out and support them! Last week against Brandywine, with a mix of team veterans and rookies, the Furies hit the ground running but found themselves plagued by injuries. The Brandywine Riot proved to be a tough opponent and the Furies fell to the SE Pennsylvania team 46-20.

With home field advantage, plenty of time to heal their injuries, and a handful of extra players set on the roster for this weekend’s match, your D2 Furies plan to leave it all on the field tomorrow against familiar opponent Chesapeake. It has been over a year since the two teams last met and D2 is ready to remind Chesapeake what it means to be a Fury.

Time: 11AM

Model Secondary School, on Gallaudet’s Campus

Can’t make it? Follow the game live on Twitter.

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