Week 2: WPL Takes to Minnesota, DII stays at home to battle NOVA

After a storm-stricken Saturday at home this past weekend, with their game against Doylestown re-scheduled at the last minute due to weather, DII finally gets to lace up their boots and start the season on Saturday. DII will take on long-time geographical rivals NOVA 2. When the two teams met this time last year, the Furies came out victorious both times, with a 56-0 blowout on October 18th and a 24-12 win on November 15th. This weekend DII will fight to hold their throne as the Scrum Queens of DC and send NOVA 2 home packing.


This Sunday, WPL will travel almost 1,000 miles from the District to
Saint Paul, MN to take on fellow Red Conference contenders, the Twin Cities Amazons. When the Furies took on the Amazons in 2014, they fell 63-3 and are determined to come back stronger than ever this year, with a brand new coaching staff and a few new players added to the Premier side this season. After a tough loss to the NYRC this past Sunday, the Furies are going to bring their fury to Saint Paul and the Amazons won’t know what hit them, literally or figuratively.

SATURDAY, September 19th

Who: Furies DII vs. NOVA 2

Time: 11am
Signal Hill Park

SUNDAY, September 20th

Who: Furies WPL v. Twin Cities Amazons

Time: 11am
Eagan Community Center, Saint Paul, MN

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