Twas the Night Before Ruggerfest

‘Twas the night before Ruggerfest, and all through DC
Not a Fury was stirring, not even a rookie.
Clothes were laid out, bags packed with care
In anticipation that Ruggerfest soon would be there.

Props to wings, all turned in at 9
Dreaming that Saturday’s weather be fine.
Car were packed full of coolers and post pads,
Programs were printed with brackets and ads.

At 5 am sharp the alarm sounds in my ear
“Get up! Get up! Ruggerfest is here!”
I stumble from bed, dress in blue and gold,
Extra layers on top- the mornings are cold.

It’s still dark outside when we get on the road,
I’ll show up on time and do as I’m told.
Tents, table, and fields all to be set up
And when we are done, we’ll be ready to ruck.

Teams arrive, the excitement is growing,
Taping, and stretching, and coffee is flowing.
Kick-off at 9 and I hear someone say,
Another Ruggerfest is under way!

Now prop! Now lock! Now hooker, and 8-man!
When the ball is in, drive as hard as you can!
The backs are ready, 10 calls for the ball
A ruck, a line-out, we’ll score off a maul!

Furies take the field, put to the test,
We’ll play our hardest- it’s Ruggerfest!
Off the field, Furies give all they’ve got,
We’ve all heard the tale: Nancy Fitz Stirred the Pot.

Trash cleanup, field break down, we all need a beer
The end of Ruggerfest Day 1 is near.
We head to the social with the other teams
Ruggers from East Coast, West Coast, and between.

We head home early- it’s been a long day,
Of set-up, and vending, and games to play.
Ice bath, hot shower, then to bed I go,
Up early to do it again tomorrow.

Sunday I rise, tired and sore
But ready for what Day 2 has in store
As I near the pitch, what should appear,
All of my teammates in their blue and gold gear.

We set up again; it’s easier Day 2
Now we all know just what to do.
Some players are hurt, teams are looking for more
At the info tent you can sign up to whore.

Rucking, scrumming and gaining ground,
The Furies advance to the final round
Running a tournament and winning it too,
No big deal- we’re Furies- it’s just what we do.

People stop by the merchandise tent
At the nation’s largest women’s rugby tournament.
Excitement and exhaustion are all around
As another Ruggerfest starts to wind down.

The last games are played, the raffle is drawn
Let’s clean everything up, we’ve been here since dawn.
It’s time to celebrate another successful year
We’ll head to the bar, and have a few beers.

We played our hardest and gave our all
From manning the tents to catching the ball.
Another year, we’ve carried on the legacy
Reminding me why I’m Proud to Be a Fury!

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