Weekend Wrap-up: Furies Crush Nova 2, Bested by Atlanta

Furies Division 2 vs Nova 2

The Furies handed an unquestioned defeat to Nova 2 on Saturday at Heurich Park.  Returning to play after a defeat to Norfolk and a bye week, the Furies lost no time making their mark in the game. Rookie winger Jessica Crockett broke the defensive line and touched down her first of three tries.  The mood was boyant with excitement from the ealy successes and weak defense facing the team. Ten minutes in. flyhalf Angela Cole exploited a flat defensive opposition and sent the ball on a cross-field kick.  A favorable bounce off the artificial turf, and wing Sarah “Fagan” Grose retrieved the kick and continued forward to score her first try.

2014-1018 Nova_Kerri2014-1018 Nova_LuciaAll 80 minutes of the game displayed the skills and strategy the Furies have practiced all season; well-executed offensive plays led to try after try, and improvement on defense and turn-overs showed marked improvement from earlier games.  At 8-man Lucia Martino had several phenomenal line breaks, gaining ground for the Furies and finally earning herself the last try of the game, which ended at Furies 56-0 Nova.  Props Tara Dunderdale and Kerri Mulcahy each barreled through the defense in breakaway runs, to the cheers of their fans and teammates.  Over half of the team contributed to the tries awarded, with just as many coming from forwards as backs.  All in all, it was an exciting day to be Fury, earning another win for the season and displaying tremendous growth.  The next Division 2 game will again be against Nova 2, on November 15 before the Furies travel to Norfolk to end the season with a rematch November 22.

Furies WPL vs Atlanta Harlequins

Sunday morning at the Furies’ home pitch in Manassas, VA was a blustery, bright and sunny fall day.  The DC Furies kicked off to the Atlanta Harlequins for their last home game of the season.  It was an essential win for both clubs- who entered the match with matching 2-2 records- looking for a higher seed going into the Premier League National Championship.  The Washington Women’s rugby team, having triumphed in a hard-fought battle last month against the Harlequins in Atlanta, was looking to defend the win.  The Furies started with strong momentum, moving steadily into Atlanta territory.  The tides turned just before the fifteen minute mark when Atlanta managed to break their opponent’s momentum and dotted down a try, followed by a clean conversion.  The remainder of the half was well fought by both teams mostly in neutral territory.  Atlanta led by seven at the half.

2014-1019 Atlanta_Tackle

The Harlequins started the second half with aggressive momentum.  In the first minutes of the second half, Atlanta picked off Washington’s pass and gained significant ground into the Furies’ defending field.  DC managed to stop the initial break, but the ‘Quins strung it together on the second phase, earning another try to bring the score to 12-0.  Soon thereafter, Atlanta penetrated the DC defense for another try in the corner, 17-0.  DC found themselves on defense between penalties and injuries to both sides for the majority of the second half.  With twenty minutes remaining, Atlanta made yet another break on the sideline and DC was slow to align their defensive wall.  Atlanta scored but the conversion bounced off the post.  With fifteen minutes remaining, DC found the ignition with a big hit from Sam Pankey on the kickoff.  The Furies started to take control of the game and marched into Atlanta territory.  Jo Bader set a strong ruck deep in Atlanta territory and after a few successful phases, Maggie Olney touched down a center try, making for a comfortable conversion.  With 22-7 on the scoreboard and Atlanta leading, the Furies channeled inner strength to fight to the finish.  Final score Atlanta 22-7 Furies.


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