Furies Lose to Amazons in 2nd 2014 Season Meeting

It was a tough fought game this weekend as the Twin City Amazons traveled to play the Washington Furies in DC. While the Furies made improvements in their dynamic plan for offense and aggressive defense, a size disadvantage and number of personnel changes put the Furies on the back foot for an Amazon-dominated game with a final score of 63-3 for the Twin Cities.

The Amazons scored early and the pressure never let up. 2014-1012 Amazons_Scrum
The Furies spent much of the game on defense – despite a few promising phases of offense, Washington had trouble finishing and turned the ball over both in set pieces and open play. While the Furies were determined and dedicated on defense, stopping mauls, and holding up tries, the Amazons capitalized strongly on Washington lapses, making the most of missed tackles and defensive errors to break the line. Furies center Sam Pankey and flanker Bethany Baker made big hits on defense, lock Ellen Danford was versatile on defense and offense, making some great runs and hits, and wing Sharifa Love-Schnur made runs up the wing, but the Amazons’ defense stopped Furies’ forward momentum, and Washington gave up penalties that cost them significant field position. The Amazons’2014-1012 Amazons_Sally forward-heavy play was quite effective against Furies, and their backs’ speed on the wings and through gaps in the center put the game away, with the help of great kicks to convert. Kimber Rozier put the Furies on the board late in the game with a kick for points, but it was not enough to halt the Amazons’ momentum, and they recovered with one more try to end the game.

This upcoming weekend, the Furies look to shake off their most recent defeat and repeat the success they found in earlier away games. Washington aims to put a strong win on the board against the Atlanta Harlequins Sunday, October 19. With swelled ranks and a tough week of practice, the Furies plan to build momentum through the end of the season to be ready to compete at the highest levels at nationals.  After a bye weekend, the Furies Division 2 squad will play against local rival NoVa 2 on Saturday, October 18

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