Furies 1-1 After Week 2

The Washington Women wrapped up week 2 of the fall season with both competitive teams at 1-1 standing.  Following a loss in the season opener against Raleigh, the Division 2 team came back for a win against the Maryland Stingers on Saturday.  On Sunday, the Premiere League team put up a fight against the Twin City Amazons, but returned from Minneapolis defeated.  The Furies Division 2 team has a bye this weekend, while the WPL team travels South to Atlanta.

Furies vs. Stingers

On Saturday the Furies Division 2 team hosted the second match of the season at Heurich Park.  After the previous rainy, messy game against Raleigh, the sunshine and crisp air provided excellent conditions for rugby.  The Maryland Stingers came to the game, fresh from a win the previous week over NoVa.  New coaching staff and one win under their belts indicated to the Furies that this would not be the same Stingers they had run down the previous year.

The Furies came out strong in the first half.  They used the field and all fifteen players, as practiced in the game plan. The backs sent the ball wide where outside center Kate Scott and wing Kim Gillies found space and advanced down the field.  Several runs like this and Kim found touch, putting the first points on the board (5-0 Furies).  A tremendous maul from the Furies drove another ball over the tryline, only to be held up. Throughout the half, the Furies displayed a strong defense, keeping the Stingers from reaching the goal line.

The Stingers found some moment as the game progressed into the second half.  Washington played goal line defense, holding up a try, and pushing back on the visiting team until flyhalf Angela Cole was able to clear the ball.  In true full-team Furies’ fashion, forward moment in the second half doubled the score of the home team. As the ball moved to the sidelines team captain and hooker Leni Dworkis scooped up a loose ball and made headway towards the 22.  Support from the backs propelled the ball forward and Kate Scott touched down her first try with the Furies.  The team tired as the game wore on, and the well-orchestrated plan that was successful for the first half began to fall apart.  Still, the Furies persevered through offense and defense, preventing Maryland from scoring and breaking through their defensive line.  The final whistle secured the victory for DC, 10-0 over Maryland.

Furies vs. Amazons

The next day in Minneapolis, the Furies Premiere League team faced the Twin City Amazons.  Following the previous week’s win over New York, the Furies were ready to make an impact in the game. Traveling with a squad of 16, the Furies used the challenge to focus on executing their defensive and offensive strategies against last year’s National Champions. With a slight disadvantage in size, the team looked to utilize their speed to counter the Zon’s strength.

What resulted was a clean contest between the two squads and an opportunity for the Furies to test the skills they have been working to improve during the beginning of the 2014 Fall season. Several highlights included:
  • a try from hooker Hana Passen in the second half of the game
  • impressive defense from wing Anna Cohen-Price who played her first match at 11
  • solid scrummaging by the pack, and in particular by prop Megan Foster, who consistently out-maneuvered her opposing number
  • an impressive 25m break away from outside-center Maggie Olney.
While the team was able to put numbers on the board late in the game, they were unfortunately unable to recover from the score deficit of the first half. Despite the lopsided result, the points do not reflect the heart and valiant effort that the 16 traveling Furies left on the pitch this past Sunday. Matches like this one remind us that we continue to learn and grow through each week, and that the Furies have what it takes to play with pride through all challenges, no matter how big or small.

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