Wanted: Division 2 Coaches

The Washington Women’s Rugby Football Club (Furies) is seeking candidates for two coaching positions for the 2014 Fall season:  Division II head coach and Division II assistant coach.

Ideal candidates will have rugby 15’s and/or 7’s experience, coaching experience, and be organized and motivated.  The Furies are looking for candidates with positive attitudes, the ability to coach players with varying skill levels, and strong planning and delegation skills.

The Furies field both a competitive Women’s Premier League (WPL) side and a Division II side.  Both sides run similar game plans, and the Division II coaches will be responsible for communicating and executing the game plan, working with the selection committee and the rest of the coaching staff, and collaborating with team leadership.  Coaches must be able to develop players to perform at their best, and to help to foster an established, positive team culture.  The Furies’ Division II team is starting its second year, and this is a great opportunity for motivated coaches to put their own stamp on a new and developing program!

Practices are twice a week in DC and Division II games are generally held on weekends in the Mid-Atlantic region.  The team is committed to attracting top coaching talent and does many fundraiser activities to support the team’s expenses, some of which may include coach travel reimbursement.  Please email Jocelyn Richards, Furies Coaching Committee Chair, at jorichards7@gmail.com, if you are interested in applying for this position.

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