Furies Eagerly Await Regional Qualifiers

Two Furies squads will head to Wilmington, Delaware this Saturday to compete in the East Coast’s first 7s Regional Qualifier* of the 2014 Season. The past week has proven to be a test for the team as practices heavily involved fitness and live scrimmaging in preparation for the tournament.

Group Shot1

Three new players will represent the Elite Squad: (Former Raleigh Venom) Rhi Clark, (former Berkeley All Blue) Cynthia Wright, and (former William & Mary WRFC) Maggie Olney. Each player brings a different set of skills to the team. The first cap on the Elite Side from the veteran pool will go to Furies Sonia Steckler, Caitlin “Gray” O’Dwyer, and Katy Stewart, all of whom have worked hard to earn their spots this season. Solid performances are expected from returners, including US rep. Amanda Street, senior players Eli White and Sharifa Love, and Captains Jess Shipley and Jamie Albarelli. Collectively, the squad has a wealth of experience under their belts. Combine that with a tremendous calm under pressure and you have the 2014 Furies Elite Squad.

“I’m feeling good about our chances this weekend.” says Coach Julius Fanueli. “We have a lot of new talent in both squads; we just need to play together as a team. Our biggest potential weakness is ourselves, over-thinking and forcing things to happen instead of just going with the flow.” Fanueli emphasized that he will be using this weekend to assess player fitness, clear communication, decision making and leadership.Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 6.47.33 PM

Captain Jamie Albarelli notes that she’s excited with how well practice went this week. “Everyone worked very hard and we are building to have an awesome season. As always, there has been an adjustment period as everyone gets used to playing with each other. However, now that we’re getting past that I am really excited to see what this team of dynamic players can do!”

Predictions for this weekend? It’s hard to tell, as there’s been a high turnover on several of the highly ranked teams that will be in attendance. One thing is certain: the determination and dedication of this group of women will be hard to surpass.

    Furies Elite Squad

    1. Jaime Albarelli
    2. Rhi Clark
    3. Sharifa Love
    4. Caitlin O’Dwyer
    5. Maggie Olney
    6. Jess Shipley
    7. Emily Smith
    8. Sonia Steckler
    9. Katy Stewart
    10. Amanda Street
    11. Eli White
    12. Cynthia Wright
    Furies Developmental Squad

    1. Briley Acker
    2. Brigid Beech
    3. Tammy Bowmah
    4. Elena Clark
    5. Emma Clark
    6. Cass Clemmer
    7. Anna Cohen-Price
    8. Angela Cole
    9. Lindsay Fountain
    10. Maddie Mador
    11. Jenna Traux
    12. Ellen Treimel

*All clubs who are registered members of MAC will earn points towards a free entry into the MAC 7s Premier/Open Championship on July 26th 2014.

Date: Saturday June 28th

Time: 8:00am-4:00pm EST

Location: 4351 Weldin Road, Wilmington, DE


9:40 AM Furies I vs. Scion II
             Furies II vs. Nova I
11:00 AM Furies II vs. Scion
11:40 AM Fures I vs. Nova III
12:40 PM Furies II vs. Philly II
1:00 PM Furies I vs. Exiles
2:00 PM Consolation Game 1
2:40 PM Cup Semis
3:40 PM Consolation Game II
4:40 PM Consolation Game III
5:00 PM Finals

For live updates throughout the day, follow @DCFuries Twitter feed!



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