Undefeated Furies Win Pick7s Tournament

Pick 7s 2014 - 2 of 2

ROSECROFT, Maryland – The Furies made sure to leave nothing behind as they finished their 4-0 sweep at the Pick 7s Tournament this past Saturday with a second victory over the Maryland Exiles.

The day remained strong for both Furies sides competing at Rosecroft Raceway. As the two squads continued to play side-by-side games throughout the tournament, Furies A came away with all victories while Furies B won all but one game against the Chesapeake combined side coached Joanne Liu. One of the more amusing moments of the afternoon involved the two Furies sides agreeing to play their slated semi-final match, against each other, with Touch League rules.Pick 7s 2014 - 1 of 2

Standout performances this weekend were given by senior player Gray O’Dwyer and rookie prop Maggie Olney. O’Dwyer’s physicality on both sides of the ball was apparent from the first kickoff of the day. Olmey, along with prop Tammy Bowmah, showed no fear for and in fact welcomed the physicality involved in gunning for kickoffs. Senior players Shipley, Wright, and Clark showed good composure and leadership.

“I think we all had the chance to see our defensive pattern put into real time context which allowed us the opportunities to see how it works and how it fails when we don’t commit to the system” senior player Rhi Clark remarked. “While we got away with some things that we will not be able to do when we play higher level teams, we still did a good job of looking up at the field and seeing holes and weaknesses and exploiting them”

Coach Julius Fanueli acknowledged that it was difficult to evaluate his senior side amidst a slightly less competitive bracket of teams and with a handful of his staring side unable to attend.

“The great thing that I did see this weekend was the ability of our team to stay mentally focused and play our own game regardless of the level of competition presented to us” he said. “The starting squad was able to focus on executing our plays on attack to perfection, while several of our rookies were given the opportunity to work alongside our more senior players.”

With practice continuing tonight, it will be imperative for both squads to focus on fine tuning their defense as they work to prepare for next weekend’s Mid-Atlantic Championship qualifier in Wlimington, Delaware.



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