DC Furies Prepare 7s Squads for Pick 7s Tournament

After coming away from a disappointing cancellation of last weekend’s Ruggerama, the marfu tournFuries play locally at the Pick 7s Tournament  this coming Saturday. This will be the first opportunity for two rostered squads to put their acquired skills and techniques from the first few weeks of practice to test.

University summer breaks and office summer hours have brought an influx of players to the Furies 7s Program this month. The first three weeks have produced over 30 at every practice, including veterans, rookies, and summer players respectively.

“I think that it’s very exciting that we have so many young college players coming out to practices.” captain Jaime Alberelli discusses. “They have really upped the intensity in practice.” As for this weekend, Jaime explains “we’ll have two sides with many players playing their first 7s tournament ever!” Co-captain Jess Shipley agrees, adding that “we’re looking to get everyone lots of playing time, exposure to competitive matches, and it’ll be really exciting to see who steps up.”

Furies Premier v. NOVA Scrum

In his second summer as Furies Head Coach, Toga Fanueli has been pleased with the turnout and work ethic shown so far this summer.  Without the full elite squad this weekend, Fanueli is looking forward to seeing which rookies step up and take the reigns. “We are using this tournament to build depth in our squad,” Fanueli says, “and without our full senior side it will be interesting to see how other players react.” Senior players expected to lead the charge this weekend are Center Cynthia Wright, HB and Co-Captain Jess Shipley, and Wing Rhi Clark. Among the rookies to keep an eye on is Maggie Olney from William & Mary.

The Pick 7’s rugby tournament, hosted by the WRFC, will host Men’s Premier, Open and Social divisions, Women’s divisions as well as a U-19 men’s bracket. The Furies expect to go head-to-head with familiar faces from teams like NOVA, Philly WRFC, and Scion.


    Furies 1

    1. Briley Acker*
    2. Tammy Bouma
    3. Rhi Clark
    4. Angela Cole
    5. Katie Farias
    6. Gussie Maguire
    7. Caitlin O’Dwyer
    8. Maggie Olmey
    9. Jess Shipley
    10. Sonia Steckler
    11. Ellen Treimel
    12. Cynthia Wright
    Furies 2

    1. Briley Acker*
    2. Maggie Burgos
    3. Emma Clark
    4. Cass Clemmer
    5. Liv d’Aliberti
    6. Leni Dworkis
    7. Yaya Egerton
    8. Lindsey Fountain
    9. Bethany Montague
    10. Hana Passen
    11. Jen Putman
    12. Jenna Truax

Date: Saturday June 21st

Time: 9:40am-4:00pm EST

Location: 6336 Rosecroft Dr, Fort Washington MD


9:40 AM Furies 2 vs. Scion
10:00 AM Furies 1 vs. Chesapeake
12:40 PM Furies 2 vs. MD Stingers
1:00 PM Furies 1 vs. MD Exiles
3:20 PM 3rd Place Match

For live updates throughout the day, follow @DCFuries Twitter feed!



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