D2 Furies Face NOVA in Season Closer

This weekend the Division 2 Furies will look to clinch another win over long-time rival Nova. With a 1-2 record, a win could tip the scales for the Furies and boost them to 3rd place in the Mid-Atlantic Conference South. Undefeated Raleigh and Norfolk lead the conference with an unstoppable 20 points each. Nova comes in behind with 7 points, while the Furies’ recent win over the Stingers earned them 5 points. Come out and cheer on the Furies as they show their passion on the pitch against the Piranhas.

Time:1:30 pm

Location: Heurich Park
Ager Road and Nicholson Street, Hyattsville, MD 20782

From the Metro
The pitch is walking distance from the West Hyattsville Metro Station.  Exit the metro and head towards Ager Road (this is across the parking lot and bus bays).  Turn left on Ager Road.  Continue for about 1/4 mile to Nicholson Street.  Make a right onto Nicholson (this is on the opposite side of the road from the metro).  Follow the path past the dog park about another 1/4 mile to the field.  The games will be on the turf field on the far side of the parking lot.

Driving Directions
**For accurate driving directions enter the intersection of “Nicholson Street and Ager Road, Hyattsville, MD”  Internet/GPS directions to this field can be very misleading!**  From Nicholson and Ager look for the dog park that is visible from the intersection.  The driveway leading to parking and the field is next to the dog park off of Nicholson Street.  Take this all the way to the end.  The turf field has bleachers and a fenced enclosure.

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