WPL Head to Nationals 3-3

Last weekend, the Furies concluded regular season play the same way they began it- with a win over New York.  A record-breaking season, the Furies now send 25 players to compete in the National Championships in Philadelphia, November 8-10.

The 2013 season began on a high note for the Washington Women, beating New York on their home turf (27-15) and triumphing in a first-ever WPL win over the orange and blue.  The upsets continued as the Furies contained Beantown and took home the win in thier first encounter of the season (19-12).  Unable to rattle the still-undefeated Glendale Raptors, the Furies suffered two losses to the Denver team and collected a third loss in the rematch against Beantown.  But DC powered through, ending the regular season on a positive note with another win over New York (19-7).  With 14 points towards their standings, the Furies enter Nationals ahead of their fellow Bottom Tier competitors Atlanta (1-5; 5pts), New York (0-6; 0 pts), and San Diego (1-5; 5 pts).  The team will compete for 5th place amongst the elite women’s rugby teams in the country.

The successes of this fall season showcase the skill of the current players and depth of talent across the team.  In both the forwards and the backs the Furies demonstrate an aptitude in execution of set peices and open field play.  Stiff competition within the team has produced a back triangle to be reckoned with and power-house scrums.  A testament of the elite Premier League, no single team dominates in just the forwards or the backs and the Furies have risen to the challenge of fielding a talented roster from 1 through 15. A new pattern of play introduced by head coach Toga Fanueli has enabled the team to take advantage of the many dynamic players on the field.

The Furies’ success in the Women’s Premier League hasn’t been the only ground-breaking news for the rugby team this year. Fall of 2013 makred the inauguration of a competitive developmental side for the Washington Women, entering the Division 2 competition.  Despite concerns over having enough players to field two, autonomous competitive sides, the Furies have maintained high turnout at practice and over 60 rostered players.  Similar to their WPL peers, the Division 2 squad holds a record reflecting losses, growth, and subsequent wins, with 2 matrix matches yet to be played.  Through the guidance of the coaching staff, the Furies have cultivated depth across all levels of experience, ingraining in all players the same fundamental skills and understanding of a complex strategy.  It is an incredible time to profess Fury pride, as the current players and coaches carry the legacy of the team forward in success.

Catch the Furies in action! This weekend, the Furies Division 2 team will turn up the heat against local rival Nova 2.  The following weekend, the team travels to Philadelphia for the Women’s Premier League National Championships.    Keep up with the play by following the Furies on Twitter (@DCFuries).  As always, the latest information will be posted on the website prior to the events.  Fan attendance highly encouraged!

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