WPL Week 4: Furies at Home vs Glendale

It’s Week 4 of the WPL- halfway to nationals and time to play each opponent for a second time, starting with Glendale.  Coming off of last weekend’s nail-biting win over Beantown, the Furies are 2-1 and second place in the Blue Conference.  This weekend they’ll host first place, 3-0 Glendale.  The two teams met in Week 2 at Glendale’s home turf at Infinity Park.  The Furies held the Raptors to a 29-point win, their lowest scoring game all season, by a large margin.  This time, the Furies look to take the intensity of last week’s Beantown game and turn it up even more to put Glendale on their heels and walk away with the win.

Date: Sunday October 6

12:00 noon – Furies WPL v Glendale WPL
~2:30 pm – Furies B v Glendale B

Location: Signal Hill Park, Field 4
9300 Signal View Drive, Manassas VA 20111

Following the matches, the Furies will host a social at the field.

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