Ruggerama 7s – June 22

June 22 will be another epic day of rugby 7s for the Washington Women’s RFC.  The team is entering three sides in the Ruggerama tournament, hosted by rival team, NOVA.  After an exciting and successful weekend at Pick 7s, the Furies are riled up for some rematches.  Most exciting of all: don’t miss the 12:40 game when Furies Blue play Furies Gold! Who will come out on top??

Date: Saturday June 22

Location:Signal Hill Park, Manassas, VA

8:40 am – RTG Furies Premier/1
9:15 am – RTG Furies Blue/2 and Furies Gold/3

9:40 am – Furies Premier/1 vs Scion Sirens
10:20 am – Furies Gold/3 vs MD Stingers
10:40 am – Furies Blue/2 vs Motley
11:40 am – Furies Premier/1 vs NOVA 2
12:40 pm – Furies Blue/2 vs Furies Gold/3
1:40 pm – Furies Premier/1 vs Philly
2:20 pm – Furies Blue/2 vs MD Stingers
2:40 pm – Furies Gold/3 vs Motley

Pool play is followed by playoff matches, starting at 3pm.

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