Lehigh Valley 7’s

After several days of consistent, hard rain, the Furies and other clubs were worried Lehigh Valley 7’s (LV7s) would have to cancel its 40th annual tournament. Thankfully, the fields were pretty dry due to well-draining soils and we were off to the races in our first pool game against the Boston Belles. While not exactly sticking to our game plan, we stuck together as a unit and dominated 24-0.

Our second game in pool play was against the Brandywine Riot. While they had some talented athletes and individual gains, they were no match for our game plan as we shook off the rust from our previous match. The final whistle blew ,and we had 33-0 in our favor. The last match in pool play is always the hardest due to long lulls between match times. We were sloppy, disorganized, and a bit frantic, but we performed this type of anarchy as one (somehow) and claimed our 19-0 victory against Keystone’s young and inexperienced side.

Lehigh Valley 7s thought it’d be awesome to have quarter finals for playoffs- great. As the #2 seed overall, we played against Lehigh Valley Hooligans, the lady hosts of this lovely tournament. Our concise decisions, ability to move the ball, and ability to stay out of contact proved too much for the Hooligans and we knocked them out of the tournament with a score of 38-0. The semifinals, we were matched to play against our beloved arch-nemeses — the purple pistols — NOVA. Evenly matched, both of our teams had scoring opportunities, but neither could capitalize. The scrums felt great, and our rag-tag group of Ferocious, Focused Furies were about to score in the second half. It wasn’t until a freak ankle sprain (thanks a LOT Field #2…) that NOVA found a mismatch and took it in stride. The final score was 7-0 in NOVA’s favor. Tough match and tough loss, but we’re looking forward to playing again…for the WIN!

Match Report by the fearless, incomparable Jeanna Beard

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