February Recap


Ever wonder how ruggers fill those long, dark winter hours between the fall and spring season?  A poll went out to the team, asking two questions: what has your off-season exercise been, and what non-rugby activities have you been filling your time with.  Here are some of the answers:

What sort of off-season exercise have you been doing?

Clarence Culpepper Sprints // Yoga // Hiking // Trail runs // Training for 5k & 10k Runs // Swimming // Olympic Lifting // Bootcamp Classes // Crossfit Competition

What type of non-rugby activities have you been involved in?

Perfecting the NYT crossword puzzle // Going back to school // Catching up on favorite television shows (The West Wing, Family Feud, Glee to name a few) //  Job hunting // Exploring the world of Dr. Who //  Pursuing professional accreditation // Playing the trombone in a marching band for the inauguration // Climbing the corporate ladder // Dodgeball tournaments // Playing the cello // Long weekends away // Quality time with four-legged friends // Publishing research papers // Bowling // Trying out new recipes

And because it’s impossible to do without rugby all together, here are some cool rugby activities Furies have been doing in the off-season:

Coaching the Ann Arundel rugby team // Playing in 7’s tournaments in New York, Vegas, T&T // Coaching high school girl’s rugby // Attending Eagles Training Center Camps


Four Furies traveled to the regional Eagle Training Center (ETC) at Penn State for a training camp held February 22-23.  Laura Miller, Ellen Danford, Eli White, and Jamie Albarelli made the trip to State College for an intense 2-day camp.  Players arrived Friday afternoon and had a 4-hour session, returning Saturday morning for a long day of fitness testing and skill sessions.  With a total of 16 players attending the ETC, the Furies made up one quarter of the competitors.  These training camps are one component of the new structure by which the Women’s National Team roster will be selected.  For more info check out the WNT blog.


The Furies’ Executive Board and Coaching committee have been busy behind the scenes over the winter, gearing up for the coming seasons.  With the absence of Nancy Fitz as head coach, the Coaching Committee and Captain Katie Bell have been working hard to ease this transitional period for the team.  While the team continues its search for a head coach, Toga Fanueli will step up as Interim Head Coach for the spring season.  For the Division 2/B-side, Kathy “Phooey” Krucek will step into the leadership position of head coach.  Along with Toga and Phooey, Dre Khoury and Kai Owen will continue to participate in the coaching.  The spring season promises to be an exciting, dynamic season with a roster of guest coaches lined up to bring their expertise and knowledge to the team.


March is here and that means the rugby season is under way!  This weekend gets the season started with fitness testing and a clinic for the backs. Sunday’s clinic will be led by three exceptional female ruggers: Jess Hammond, Yancy Graf, and Kristin Baja.  All three women boast impressive rugby careers, competing on All-Star teams across the country, and earning caps at the national level in 15’s and 7’s. At the club level, they played on highly competitive rival teams: DC Furies, Beantown, and New York respectively.  Baja and Hammond both have roots with the Furies.  Currently, Hammond and Graf coach Chesapeake WRFC.  These talented players will bring a broad depth of knowledge to the back’s clinic this Sunday.  The following weekend the forwards will have their focus session with a clinic at University of Maryland Baltimore County.

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