Position Opening: Head Coach

Washington, DC – The Washington Women’s Rugby Football Club, the DC Furies, are looking to engage in new leadership follow in the great footsteps of Head Coach Nancy Fitz. The team seeks a committed individual, capable of communicating his or her knowledge of rugby to players of various skill levels, fostering an inclusive atmosphere for all players, increasing the skills and athleticism of the team, and promoting on-field successes.

As the premiere rugby club of the nation’s capitol, the DC Furies consist of highly-committed individuals, competing at a nation-wide level. In order to continue its long-standing traditions and meet future goals, the team has developed criteria for applicants for the position of head coach. It is pertinent that the person demonstrate a knowledge of current rugby techniques, laws, and strategies, and effectively communicate that with the players. A key component of the position is developing practice and game plans in line with the strengths and weaknesses of the team. The Furies employ a number of coaches to each focus on working with forwards, backs, and developing players. As head coach, this role necessitates creating a cohesive team leadership, and delegating responsibilities.  In addition to leading the coaching staff, the head coach is responsible for collaborating with the captains and player committee to select game rosters. Practices are held twice per week in the Washington Metro Area, accessible by public transportation, with games near and far. The head coach is expected to attend the majority of practices and games throughout the spring and fall seasons.

The DC Furies realize the level of commitment required by the role of head coach, and offer a coaching stipend.  These funds cover travel expenses and general compensation. WWRFC encourages coaches to continue their own self-improvements through attending clinics, and will provide financial support for such.

Established in 1978, the Washington Women’s Rugby Football Club is one of the country’s oldest women’s rugby clubs. The team boasts both a strong 15’s squad in spring and fall, as well as a summer 7’s program. The competitive core of the DC Furies participates in the Women’s Premiere League (WPL), the highest level of club competition in the US. The team roster averages about 40 players per season, supporting a strong developmental side in addition to the competitive WPL team. An inclusive attitude is central to the tenant of the Furies; all members of the club enjoy participation in weekly matches throughout the season.

All interested applicants, please contact captain@dcfuries.com.

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