The Fitness Games: Train Like a Tribute

As it is true for most rugby teams, winter is the Furies’ “off season” during which we all find ways to stay engaged in training and skills while resting our bodies and nursing any wounds. This year we decided to develop a fitness competition unlike anyone has ever seen before. This year’s fitness competition imitates the themes, rules, and competitions as seen in the popular Hunger Games trilogy.

How does one win the Fitness Games? The members of the Capitol put great thought into the games and determined a set of rules to inspire smart conditioning (seen here). Furies have been divided based on their position and assigned to a District. Thus far we have District Scrumhalfs, District Tight Five, District Loose Forwards, District Inside Backs, District Back Triangle, and District Other. There will be an individual tribute winner, in addition to a winning District. Winners will be determined by a number of factors and there are rumors that additional winners will be chosen based on factors such as improvement, achieving goals, and creativity.

photo 4This past weekend we began with baseline testing during which Furies from all Districts came together to measure their initial level of strength, speed, and endurance. The tests prove that the Fitness Games will be a tough battle for all. However, through great dedication, inspiration, and a little fitspiration, there will be a victor!

Finally, anyone who has read the trilogy knows that strength alone will not ensure victory. The same is true on the rugby pitch. By training like a tribute we are training our minds, our bodies, and preparing for the ultimate game — Rugby!

Let the games begin! And may the odds be ever in your favor…

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