October 13 B-side Recap

The Fury B-side played a strong defensive game against Division 2 team Severn River on Saturday.  Having lost to Severn in the spring by 60-some points, DC was eager to return to Severna Park for a rematch.  With a deep roster of new players, the B-side has finally started to connect offensively and defensively in the past few weeks, to come together and work 15 as 1.  Severn River put this to the test.  The D2 team has powerful runners, but the Furies came out better prepared this Saturday than last spring.  Despite losing the match 49-0, the Furies played well together, holding Severn on the goal line, making them work hard to earn their tries and inciting frustration for it.

The majority of the first half of the game was played in the Furies’ half the field, with Severn on the offensive.  Several times the DC backline made kicks to gain territory and take it out of their end.  The Furies were able to string together some offensive phases, only for Severn to regain possession.  The second half saw an improvement from the B-side, keeping the play closer to the Severn River tryline and up-holding a defensive line that allowed less tries from the opposition.  The Furies came out hard against a big team. Ending the game with an ‘L’ was still a success for the manner in which the team worked together and stayed in the game to the end.

After a brief respite while Severn B played Salisbury University’s A-side, the Furies took the field again to play against the college B-side.  Overcome by the ability to run through inexperienced players, the Furies made many individual runs to gain ground.  DC was able to easily overcome Salisbury’s muddled defense and racked up tries from the first ten minutes until the end of the game.  At fullback Brigid Beech had several fantastic runs- and two tries- as did hooker Tomar “Town” Brown, earning them a shared Player of the Match recognition.

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