October 7 Weekend Recap

The second round of the Women’s Premiership League got underway Sunday, with the Washington Furies and Beantown going head to head in Manassas, VA.  The Furies sought a second win of the season, eager for a ‘W’ over Beantown.  However, the Boston team took home a 34-7 victory, solidifying their second place standing in the Blue Conference.

It was a wet, chilly day, but the rain held at bay for the majority of the Furies-Beantown game.  Shortly into the first half Beantown made a break to put the first points on the board, setting the score 5-0.  The Furies wasted no time in responding.  The Washington offense marched down the field until prop and co-captain Tiffany Smith took the ball over the try line.  A successful conversion by Emily Glodzik put the Furies in the lead, 7-5.  Again Beantown took the lead with quick try following the restart.  The rain picked up, increasing the number of penalties for knock-ons.  Wings and fullbacks kept busy fielding impressive kicks from Jessica Shipley and Kelly Seary, flyhalf for DC and Beantown respectively. The home team were persistent on offense, working together to gain territory, but were unable to win any more points.  Beantown exploited gaps in the defense to drive up the score through the second half, ending the game 34-7.

The B-side took the opportunity on Sunday to continue a winning streak, logging win against George Mason University.  Unfortunately, scheduling due to conflicts, George Washington had to cancel in the days leading up to the matches.  The many B-side Furies split playing time in the game against GMU, even taking turns playing for the Patriots to help the young team and even out the match.  The game began with a try by flyhalf Valerie Berstene to put the Furies in the lead, 5-0.  In her first-ever rugby game, rookie Charlotte Hastings received a kick and returned from the 50 for a try. Captain Ellen Treimel and Mel Wright each touched down a try before the half, putting DC in the lead, 20-0.  The patriots fought back in the second half.  With the help of Furies Tomar “Town” Brown and Charlotte Hastings the college team racked up 10 points.  he Furies’ persistence won in the end with a 30-10 victory over GMU.

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