Beantown Defeats DC

Sunday morning in Boston the Washington Furies descended upon Moakley Field in Boston to take on Beantown in the second WPL matches of the season.  It was sunny and cool- a beautiful fall day for rugby.  The opposition came up hard against the WPL side, scoring their first try early in the match.  A tough match ensued.  The forwards had their work cut out for them with quite a few scrums in the first hal fagainst Beantown’s notorious pack.  For a time, the Furies were able to hold the defensive line and put Beantown on their toes with several explosive linebreaks, but the home team was able to find weaknesses and run up the score. At the half the score was 22-0, Beantown.

Despite the halftime break to regroup and make adjustments, Beantown kept the Furies on their heels and gained another 35 points in the second half.  A disappointing loss after a strong start against Keystone, DC is using the bye week to continue to improve and strengthen their skills as a team in preparation for the next WPL match at home against the Amazons.

The Furies traveled deep, enough players to field a complete second side who took the field against Beantown B, following the first match.  The Fury B’s saw a marked improvement from their previous match against Navy.  Having another week of practice under their belts, the multitude of players new to the team and in new positions were able to work together much more.  Fueled from the WPL defeat, the B side made some hard hits and good runs up the field.  Again, Beantown for the first points on the board, but the Furies quickly returned to even the score 5-5.  Beantown proved themselves a stronger side as they scored several more times in the first half.  The home team continued to link up and find defensive gaps in the second half and defeated the visiting Furies 44-5.  Despite a tough loss, the Furies B showed an improvement in intensity and communication that they seek to build on in this weekend’s matches in Norfolk.

With many Furies originating in the Boston-area it is great to have a full sideline of family and friends cheering for the team while playing an away game.  Thanks to all of the Furies who traveled for the matches and supporters who came out to cheer them on!

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