WPL Victory over Keystone

In the first games of the Women’s Premiere League 2012 season the Washington DC Furies made a strong statement against visiting team Keystone. For 80 minutes the Furies connected offensively to score try after try, driving the final score up to an 82-10 victory over Keystone.

As expected of an early Washington September, the day was hot and humid, adding to the task of a challenging match. The opponents tested each other early in the match, volleying for possession, taking play from one 22 to the other.  But 15 minutes in the Furies found their footing and scrumhalf Eli White scored the first try.  Another try followed the returning kick off, setting the Furies in motion!  DC continued to find space wide and send their wingers over the try line.  Half time saw the Furies up 39-0.

The second half continued much as the first as the Furies broke through Keystone’s defense, raising the score to 51-0.  In the midst of the second half, Keystone took possession and was able to drive in a try.  The clock continued and both teams felt the strain of the hot day and challenge of the first league match.  Keystone succeeding in crossing the goal line a second time, bringing the score to 58-12.  Both teams began to make substitutions into the second half, the Furies benefiting from the depth of a full roster.  Keystone traveled light for this match and felt the affects.  Several players left the game for injuries and the visiting team finished the game playing 2 men down.  The Furies continued to link up across the field, seeing tries from forwards and backs in a full team effort.  On the wings, Sharifa Love and Britt Martin scored a collective 8 tries of the match. The Furies finished the game with a thrilling start to the season, beating out Keystone 82-12.  As the first regular-season win since the formation of the WPL, the team is excited to walk away from a match victorious and hope to continue this fantastic start to the 2012 season.

Following the WPL match, the Furies B’s took the field against Navy. The two teams played one 40-minute match followed by two 7’s games. Navy came out hard and put the home team on their heels, breaking through the defensive line.  DC made some hard hits on defense, but Navy continued to find space out wide and drive up the score.  The Furies managed one successful offensive drive, seeing Moira Smith touching down a try.  After 2 brief  20-minute halves, Navy had the win with a 19-5 lead over the Furies.

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