Spotlight: Summer Recruits

Summer time in Washington DC brings with it some changes: the heat and humidity indexes rise to unfathomable levels, Hill interns flock from across the country, and the rugby season is defined by those tough enough to endure the heat and play 7’s. For the Furies, this is always a time to welcome new players, whether they are college students home on break, interns residing in the capitol just for the summer, or recent grads coming to DC to start a career. It is an exciting time for the Furies, to be able to welcome many new players of diverse backgrounds and skill levels.

Dre Khoury, coach of the Social side for 7’s, expresses her excitement for coaching the newest members of the team:

“I really enjoy coaching college and recent grads. They bring excitement and energy to the game. They are receptive to coaching and make visible improvements in their game in very short periods of time. Our practice structure provides the young players an opportunity to play next to their veteran teammates, encouraging team bonding and growth in the physical and mental aspects of the game.”

In recognition of our 2012 Summer Furies, here is some more information about each of them:

Agnes is a new Fury who has come from the furthest distance; a graduate of Eotvos Lorand University in Hungary, she is in Washington to pursue graduate studies.

Angela Cole joined the Furies while home for summer break from Old Dominion University. A scrum half for ODU, Angela also plays with the Norfolk Storm.  She has enjoyed the opportunity to help the Furies prepare for Nationals.

Recent graduate from the local George Washington University, Jamie Albarelli has served as President of the GW Women’s Rugby team and been a member of PRU All-Stars, MARFU Collegiate All-Stars, and was recently named an All-American. Jamie describes a favorite moment playing with the Furies this summer from the MARFU tournament: “We were warming up for the final game and it was raining really hard and there was a huge flash of lightning. We all looked at Sue to see what we should do and she just let out this high pitch scream and threw her hands in the air. We all took that as a sign to run for our lives so we sprinted for cover.”  The Furies are thrilled to have Jamie sticking around for the Fall season!

Another George Washington student, Michelle Perna says that she is sad to see the 7’s season coming to an end. At GW, Michelle has held titles as President and Captain, and along with GW teammate Jamie, played for the MARFU All Stars this summer. Michelle says that the large number of graduates that go on to play for the Furies was what led her to the team this summer.

Ellen Danford came to DC from Stanford, where she graduated this spring.  Ellen says that, while she hadn’t planned on playing rugby after graduation, an injury during her senior year left her wanting more.

We can credit our 2011 Sportswoman of the Year, Darcy Miller, with personally recruiting one of our new teammates.  JC approached Darcy at a PRU meeting in February about playing with the Furies.  A student at UMBC, JC holds leadership roles as President and Captain.  This past year her team also awarded her the honor of being named Best Forward and Most Versatile Player.

Hailing from Wayne State University in Detroit, Sonia Steckler came in Washington in search of adventure.  Back in Michigan, Sonia was a Michigan All-Star and wore many hats for the Wayne State U WRFC, including co-founder, captain, and coach.  Sonia’s involvement in rugby started when she was a freshman in high school and says that once she tried it, she never looked back.  Like many other Furies, Sonia declares that there is no “better way to meet new (awesome) people in a place I know no one!”

The Furies are thrilled to welcome all of the newest players, for this summer and beyond!

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