Footwork Camp with Julie McCoy & Ellie Karvoski

What is a great way to move from the end of the 15’s season into the start of 7’s?  A footwork camp with guest coaches to help improve your game!  Saturday May 19th members of the DC Furies received coaching on footwork skills from guest coaches Julie McCoy and Ellie Karvoski.

“Holding the clinic in May assists us in transitioning to a 7s framework. The Furies are looking forward to implementing many of the learned skills this summer and maintaining our agility heading into the fall,” says Coach Dre Khoury.

Both Julie McCoy and Ellie Karvoski are based in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Julie coached the women at the national level from 2002 – 2009, both in 15’s and 7’s.  During 90’s she excelled as a player in both arenas of the game, and has turned that knowledge into top-notch coaching.  Ellie Karvoski started her athletic career in field hockey.  After playing on the national field hockey team, Ellie made the transition into rugby.  She has represented the USA in women’s rugby for 15’s and 7’s and played in several World Cup competitions.  In 2006, Ellie was named a member of the honorary All-World team.  Together, Julie and Ellie combine their experience and knowledge to teach growing players the necessary skills to succeed at rugby.  In the words of Julie McCoy, “We take average players and make them above-average, and we take above-average players to the elite level.”

Saturday’s clinic was run in three parts.  With the use of the facilities at Landon School in Bethesda, the team trained in the gym, in the weight room, and on the field.  The morning started with a gym session that focused on agility and muscle training in order to translate what the mind sees into action in the body.  This session concluded in the weight room, learning a series of exercises to build muscles that will allow for greater, speed and agility as well as prevent joint injury.

The group moved outside to the pitch for the afternoon session and tried out some new skills at beating the defense.  Under the guidance of the coaches the players improved over the course of the afternoon and went home with several new skills to practice and apply on the field.

“This past weekend’s foot work clinic was a huge success! Inviting Julie and Ellie to work with players continues our commitment to take our game to the next level,” says Dre.  “Players learned the importance of lateral agility work and single leg lifting for rugby training. They were able to see the benefits by the afternoon rugby sessions.”  Video of the indoor session will be available to the team.

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