Furies Beat Keystone, Lose to Severn River

The Furies WPL-side traveled to King of Prussia, PA on Saturday to play against Premiere League rival Keystone.  In true Furies fashion the team worked 1 through 15 to keep Keystone on their heels and bring a Win home for DC.

“Furies came out strong in the first half and were able to disorganize Keystone’s defense early. A number of players were able to find amazing holes: Laura Miller, Jeanna, Julie and Tiff had some huge runs to name a few,” notes backs Captain Katie Bell.

In the second half the Furies executed a new pattern of play, introduced by new back’s coach Toga Fanueli.  As anticipated, the new strategy disorganized and stretched the defense, creating gaps for the Furies to score.

Despite playing a man down for part of the second half, the Furies were still able to maintain their momentum, scoring offensively and holding Keystone at bay on defense.  Forwards, most notably Joanna Bader, continuously poached the ball from Keystone, regaining possession for the Furies.

Keystone’s fullback showed great agility against the Furies, breaking the line several times to touch down tries for the home team.  But the Furies’ continuous possession and momentum gave them the ultimate Win, finishing the game 55-19.

Meanwhile, Furies Div 2 struggled against Severn River.  Severn, who hosted the match, dominated the game, maintaining possession of the ball and capitalizing on gaps in the Furies’ defense.  Offensively, the Furies were able to make a few good runs through the defense, but could not win the point of contact, resulting in many turned-over balls.  Severn River kept the visiting Furies on their toes throughout the game with their use of well-placed kicks.

The Furies made big improvements coming into the second half,buckling down on defense to stymie Severn’s aggressive offense.  Player of the Match, inside center Eli Webster moved the Furies forward with some nice offensive runs and chased down a Severn player on a break away for a solid sideline tackle.  Throughout the game, many Furies played new positions, and the team welcomed a brand new player to her first ever rugby match.  Severn River dealt the Furies a challenging match and delivered their first loss of the season.

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