2-0 for the BBAC

The Furies came out on top Saturday March 24 during the Beltway Battle Against Cancer.  This annual match-up between the Furies, NoVa, and the Stingers raises funds for the Lombardi Cancer Center at Georgetown University.  In the first game of the day old rivals DC and NoVa took the pitch.  Despite damp conditions the Furies lit up the pitch.  Tries from Tiffany Smith, Laura Miller, and Jeanna Beard put points on the board, for the first half, making the halftime score 24-0 over NoVa.  The second half saw more tries from the Furies, bringing the final score to 34-0.

After a brief rain delay the second match of the day kicked off with the Stingers versus the Furies.  The Furies came out strong for their second game, spinning it wide to rookie wing Sequoia Howell for two tries.  The Stingers had some good runs, breaking the through the Furies’ defense to put down two tries. Conversion kicks kept the Furies in the lead 12-10.  Flyhalf and rookie Fury, Hunter Griendling picked off a pass from the Stingers and took it down the field to score again for the Furies, solidifying the lead at 19-10.

Unfortunately, due to rain the National Park Service closed the fields halfway through the day.  But for only half a day of play, the Furies came out 100% victorious!

Missed the games? Don’t miss out on the action.  Watch the game tape here!

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