Furies Ramping Up in 2012

The Furies finished out January in a flurry of activities.

Players gathered on Saturday morning to conduct fitness testing, consisting of a 40m sprint, vertical jump, push-ups, sit-ups, agility t-drill, and the flop test, better known as the “death flop“.

Saturday evening, Hamilton’s hosted the Furies’ Annual Fundraiser night. There was a great showing of Furies and friends for the fundraiser, and lucky raffle winners went home with some PBR-sponsored prizes.

The weekend was wrapped up by the first of several off-season clinics, this one focusing on proper weight-lifting technique.  For three hours on Sunday afternoon, Lisa Glassman -a player and certified personal trainer- led the team through exercises to improve body position, and weight-lifting stations to learn proper technique.  Assisting Lisa in technique instruction were three other trainers: EJ Mecklenburg, Andrew Payne, and Mike Molloy.

Over the course of the afternoon, the Furies moved in groups through a circuit of stations and received individual feedback on weight-lifting technique.  This varied from learning the basics, to refining posture and motions, and covered such lifts as deadlifts, front squats, cleans, and presses.  The afternoon proved to be very informative for all of the players attending.

The Furies are grateful to their sponsor, Balance Gym in Kalorama for providing the space, equipment, and talented personnel to host the Lifting Clinic!

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