Furies Represent at USA Camp

Last weekend the US Women’s National Team held their High Performance Camp in Tigertown, FL.  On the roster were three players from the DC Furies: Kristin “G” Guiliano, Jeanna Beard and Laura Miller (also of the London Saracens).  Over the 4-day camp, players were introduced to the Eagle365 program- USA Rugby’s new initiative to help these players improve 365 days of the year.  G says that this “covered everything from rugby skills, physical skills, mental skills, nutritional skills, to life management.”  The coaches on-staff at the camp provided personal attention to help their players develop.   Players were offered individual assessments and performance reviews. In addition to the USA WNT, Sevens, and AA coaches (Pete Steinberg, Ric Suggitt, and Martha Daines respectively), players had the opportunity to meet with nutrition, conditioning, and mental skills coaches.

Every minute of the 4 days at camp were utilized.  Mornings began with a video review of the prior day’s performance.  Practices throughout the day focused on individual skills, unit skills and scrimmaging, while meetings addressed the other aspects of the 365-program.  “I think we fit a month’s worth of information into 4 days,” says Jeanna Beard.  “Our brains were working nonstop.”

Jeanna Beard describes the Eagle365 program as “a tool used for the players in order to think like and Eagle and be and Eagle year-round, not just when we’re at camp.”  She describes the program as “a great idea since we’re so spread apart- we need a sort of support system.” Additional support comes through monthly training at localized Eagle Training Centers (ETC).  This means that the Furies’ Eagles will head up to State College, PA once a month to train with other players from the national team pool.

The launch of the Eagle365 website is anticipated in the coming weeks.  The site will provide the players with personalized information, as well as sharing the Eagles training with the rugby community.  Laura Miller notes that the site will include video demonstrations of drills done at the Eagles camps.

Future camps will be held in July and August of 2012, in anticipation of a tour in France, November 2013.

The Furies were also excited to see Kellie Cavalier at the camp.  A former Fury, Kellie manages the USA Women’s 7’s team.

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