Live Tweeting of Berkeley Game

There was a little difficultly with the live tweeting yesterday and not all messages were sent. Here is the full set of tweets below:
(those prefaced with @DCFuries were published properly)

@DCFuries: Furies kicking off to Berkeley to start off the match.

@DCFuries: First scrum of the game to the furies for Berkeley offsides

Berkeley 10 breaks through but loses it to an offsides call. Clearing kick knocked on. Furies scrum at the 50.

Another offsides by Berkeley. Furies scrum on our 22.

Penalty in the scrum Berkeley kicks for points no good.

Several penalties on Berkeley find the furies moving up the field. Numerous turnovers by both teams very back and forth.

Very nice ball movement furies on the Berkeley 5 meter but turned over.

Furies ball from a penalty. Liz h breaks through under the posts!! Conversion good! Furies 7-0!!!!

Furies line out stolen but Julie hogan forces a knock on in the backs. Numerous turnovers by both teams.

@DCFuries: Berkeley scrummage finds a hole at the side of the break down and scores. Kick no good. Furies 7 Berkeley 5.

@DCFuries: Berkeley finds space on the kickoff and runs it in for a try. Conversion no good. 10-7 Berkeley.

Julie inserts from Shipley and has a 30m run for a try!!!!! Conversion good 14- 10 furies!!!

Berkeley pk 25m out good. 14-13 furies.


Furies receiving to start the half.

Nice running to start off. Furies line out stolen but knocked on by the Berkeley backs. Furies scrum.

Furies under pressure in our 5 but able to clear it

@DCFuries: Berkeley breaks several tackles and scores under the posts. Conversion good. Berkeley 20-14.

Penalty on Berkeley scrum. Furies line out. Free kick for not 5.

Furies moving up the field with a few penalties against Berkeley

Berkeley breaks through the line and scores. Conversion no good 25-10 Berkeley

@DCFuries: Noto with an awesome line break, within meters of the try zone. Furies scrum.

@DCFuries: Turned over in a ruck sweet return run by Julie. Line out to Berkeley kick directly out. Furies line out

Ten minutes left. Furies scrum.

Several knock ons by the furies. Berkeley scrum at our 40. Knocked on. Now furies scrum

Berkeley penalty on the our 5 meter.

@DCFuries: Berkeley breaks through the line off the scrum. Conversion good 32-14 Berkeley.

@DCFuries: That’s game.

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