Game Details 9/24 – Round Robin @ UMD – UPDATED


While this may be a WPL off weekend, there is still rugby to be had! This Saturday the Furies B and C sides will be having a Round Robin with University of Maryland, Navy, and the University of Virginia. The day will be broken into periods with Furies and college A sides will playing 30 minute periods, and college B sides play 40 minute periods. See below for more details.

Date: Saturday, September 24

Time: First kick off is at 10:00am

**NEW** Location: Heurich Park, 6001 Nicholson St and Ager Rd, Hyattsville, MD, 20782

Due to the rain, the games for tomorrow will be moved to a turf field off UMD campus.  The address does not take you directly up to the turf fields- it gets you to the intersecting roads of Ager and Nicholson from which you turn onto an unmarked road off of Nicholson. Directions are also listed at the following website:


10:00 UMD A vs. Navy A
10:35 UMD B vs. Navy B
11:20 UVA A vs. Furies
11:55 Navy B vs UVA B
12:40 UMD A vs UVA A
1:15  Navy A vs. Furies
1:50 UMD B vs UVA B
2:35 UMD A vs Furies
3:10 Navy A vs UVA A
3:45 College Selects vs Furies B
(each college coach selects 6 players for this period)

Social following the last period

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